The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health


The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health (WA-AIMH) supports a vital interdisciplinary community of professionals and policymakers in order to promote the social and emotional well being of young children and their parents and caregivers throughout Washington. Our work focuses on:

  • Raising awareness about the importance of the first three years of life
  • Raising awareness about the the role of primary caregiver/child relationships in supporting healthy infant and child development
  • Ensuring that the professionals who care for young children and families have the tools, support, education, and training they need to deliver high quality interventions.

WA-AIMH is a membership organization that draws from diverse disciplines. We offer occasional summits and conferences and advocate at the state level for investments and policy improvements for the field. Since the Spring of 2016, WA-AIMH administers the IMH-E® Endorsement system. In doing so, WA-AIMH and Washington join a league of 18 states that provide this model of endorsement. For more information on endorsement, click here.

WA-AIMH is an affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health. The organization was formed in 2001 and is a non-profit corporation. For more information about the history of WA-AIMH, click here.

WA-AIMH has three strategic goals:

  • Build awareness and knowledge about infant and early childhood mental health so that it is understood and embraced by all, especially those who work with infants and toddlers.
  • Be the primary statewide resource and core professional organization for infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) providers, including offering opportunities for credentialing and networking.
  • Integrate IECMH services into the Washington state mental health system and into other parts of the early childhood system so that one unified system is achieved.


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