The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health

Vision, Mission & Principles


All young children in Washington experience healthy development through nurturing relationships with one or more loving, capable, and consistent caregivers.


The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health (WA-AIMH) supports a vital, interdisciplinary community of professionals and policymakers in order to promote the social/emotional well being of young children and parents and caregivers throughout Washington.

  • We focus on the importance of relationships as the basis for growth and change.
  • We use reflection as an important foundation for our work with families and with each other.
  • We believe that every I-ECMH provider deserves recognition, professional development and the support of reflective practice so that they can be most effective in their work.
  • We recognize that disparities exist for our young children and their families based on race and socio-economic status and believe that these disparities must be eliminated.
  • We value the voices of children, parents, and caregivers as we do our work and make policy decisions.
  • We honor the ethnic, cultural, and individual diversity of our members and the children and families with whom they work.
  • We believe that supporting infant and early childhood mental health is essential policy from both social justice and fiscal points of view.
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