The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health

Plan Your Legacy: Include WA-AIMH as a beneficiary in your will

A bequest or a planned gift to WA-AIMH will make a lasting impact on infants and young children in our state. The legacy value of a bequest is immeasurable, as it allows you to support WA-AIMH in perpetuity, and possibly give more than you might during this lifetime.

A bequest is a gift from a donor’s estate to the charity of choice. A planned gift can be:

  • A specific dollar amount or a specific asset
  • All or a percentage of the “residue” of your assets (what remains after you have made other gifts)
  • Unrestricted (for general support) or restricted (for a specific program)
  • Structured to provide lifetime income to family before the gift is available to WA-AIMH
  • Contingent (gift made if specific conditions occur)
  • Changed by you at any time

To make your planned gift to WA-AIMH, please consult an attorney who regularly prepares wills, trusts, and estate planning documents. Once you have prepared your estate, send WA-AIMH a copy of the relevant provision from your will or trust benefitting WA-AIMH.

For information contact administration at or 206-487-7137.

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