Advanced Reflective Supervison Training Program

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Professional Development

We are delighted to let you know that plans are underway for a statewide training  project that we plan to launch in 2021. The goals of this project are to pilot a new vision of reflective supervision practice, training, and mentorship that embraces the current opportunities for programs and supervisors to  to develop skilled reflective supervisors, mentors and leaders while also addressing  issues of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in their programs so that programs can fully address their missions to support the developmental health and well-being of infants, young children and families. The training project will be offered as a learning collaborative with a rich mix of on-line learning, small mentoring groups, and a collection of materials related to reflective supervision that will deepen and enhance your skills and competencies in reflective supervision practice or a reflective supervision and practice mentor or change agent.

Project Goals

  1. To expand the number of carefully prepared reflective supervisors,

  2. To create a strong network of reflective supervision mentors, and to expand resources and trainers available to strengthen and expand this powerful practice in all four corners of our amazing state over many years.

  3. To incorporate issues of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion into reflective supervision and mentoring practices.  

  4. To build statewide sustainability of reflective supervision practices in all parts of the state so that local programs can grow, develop,  supervision practices that support high quality services for young children and families in many sectors and disciplines.

Project Partners

The creators of this project, The Reflective Supervision Collaborative has twelve recognized national leaders in reflective supervision practice and program development who have banded together to create new curricula and learning approaches to strengthen reflective supervision in programs across the country.  We will be meeting with leaders, potential participants, and funders along the way and look forward to your questions and contributions to the success of this project. We will be eager to find participants who are interested in this kind of in-depth learning opportunity and will also be willing to provide the developers with feedback for the continued development.  

Next Steps

We are planning stakeholder meetings in March and April, 2021

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