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Latine/x Children and Families: Cultura Y Familia

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IECMH Community

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April 20

11am - 1pm PT


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What can you expect to gain from this workshop?

During this workshop, participants will learn about Latine/x culture, norms, and practices with infants, young children, and families and . increase their cultural competency in work with this population.

CEUs for mental health professionals and STARS hours are provided.

Full Description

This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamental cultural and family dynamics of Latine/x cultures including familismo, marianismo, and machismo. The definition and examples of these cultural factors will be discussed and cultural considerations will be highlighted.

Family dynamics. Family dynamics as well as the larger context of a collectivist society in the Latine/x community will be discussed. Knowledge and examples will be shared of extended family, friends and community members acting as caregivers, challenging the Westernized concept of “enmeshed” relationships  and rather focusing on families as multigenerational / intergenerational. The parentification of older siblings and acculturation of Latine/x family members will also be discussed in the topic of family dynamics.

Terms: (familismo, marianismo, machismo, compadres, paisanos)

Maternal and infant health. The workshop will also discuss cultural practices to be aware of during pregnancy and infant care. Certain practices may seem odd, neglectful, or abusive if the professionals are not aware of their cultural significance and good intentions.

Terms: (cuarantena, raspar, faja)

Religion and spirituality. The role of spirituality and religion in the Latine/x family plays a significant role and determines many cultural practices. Awareness of these practices will help professionals not only to be informed, but to avoid any misunderstanding behind the reason for these practices.

Terms: (mal de ojo, ojo de venado)

Relational work. This workshop will address relational work as professionals and systemic issues to be aware of during our work with Latine/x families. This is an important factor in assisting children and their families, and overall gaining access, trust, and engagement with this population.

Terms: (lunatico, curandero/a, sobador, la migra)

Current Policies. This workshop will provide information about issues that Latine/x families face at the community, national, and global levels. Present policy changes and updates that may impact Latine/x families will also be discussed.

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