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Our Purpose

That all young children in Washington experience healthy development through nurturing relationships with one or more loving, capable, and consistent caregivers


Washington Association for Infant Mental Health (WA-AIMH) supports the professionals and systems that nurture healthy beginnings in life, because early relationships matter.

Guiding Principles

  • We center relationships in our work as the basis for growth and change.

  • We use reflection in our work with one another and promote the use of reflective practice in work with families of young children

  • We believe that every Infant and Early Childhood provider deserves recognition, professional development and the support of reflective practice so that they can be most effective in their work.

  • We recognize that disparities exist for young children and their families and we promote anti-oppressive practices to eliminate these disparities.

  • We value the voices of children, parents, and caregivers and actively seek to include their voices to drive our work and make policy decisions.

  • We ensure the racial, ethnic, cultural, and other identities of our members and the children and families with whom they work is honored and integrated into the work we do through diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

  • We believe that supporting infant and early childhood mental health is essential policy from both social justice and fiscal points of view.