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Introduction to Reflective
Supervision for Supervisors


Serving young children and families requires a workforce that receives ongoing support and opportunities for reflection about both the successes and the challenges encountered in daily work.

Reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) is a form of ongoing, intentional, scheduled professional support that focuses on enhancing the reflective capacity of early childhood professionals in order to increase the effectiveness of service delivery for families and supporting staff wellness and retention.

Reflective supervision/consultation can:

  • support staff to provide services in ways that support healthy parent–child relationships and optimal growth and development

  • encourage staff and family wellbeing

  • address program and family goals

This is a 12-hour workshop plus monthly online reflective consultation group for early childhood supervisors who are or will be providing reflective supervision/consultation. Participants will learn key principles of RSC and will develop skills and strategies that can enhance their reflective supervision capacities, help them support the professional growth and development of their supervisees, and assess their own strengths and areas for growth as a provider of RSC. Training content and consultation is based on best practices in RSC, including the Region X Reflective Supervision Guide.


This professional development opportunity for supervisors includes:

  • A 12-hr workshop focused on key principles and practices of RSC.

  • A year-long online reflective consultation group, comprised of supervisors who have participated in the workshop and facilitated by a WA-AIMH RSC provider (1.5 hour sessions each month; participants will receive a total of 18 hours of reflective consultation). This reflective consultation is designed to support supervisors as they implement RSC with their staff.


This introductory training is designed for early childhood supervisors who are or will be providing RSC.

Endorsement Competencies

This training can be utilized when applying for Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for mental health professionals are available.

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