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What We Do

We are dedicated to supporting the growth of developmentally informed social-emotional and relationship-based support services for families that share a standard quality of knowledge and care throughout the state of Washington. The Endorsement credentialing system supports and recognizes infant and early childhood mental health-informed skills, knowledge, and experience among professionals that serve families of babies and young children through direct services, support services, administration, policy, or research.

We offer training and support on reflective practice for professionals in the field and Reflective Supervision training for administrators and supervisors. These guide practitioners on how to use the developmental process of reflection in an intentional way to look closely at relationship dynamics, emotions, and responses that influence work with families while highlighting ways to hold the baby/child in mind throughout. Additionally, we have a team of Reflective Supervision Consultants able to provide reflective supervision to teams throughout the state.


As an organization dedicated to strengthening the skills and competencies of professionals in the field, we are growing our training opportunities and resources for foundation skills in infant/early childhood mental health, trainings needed for Endorsement, and continuing education opportunities for advanced learning.

Technical Assistance

Wondering how your team can grow it’s Infant/early childhood mental health skill sets or how to integrate reflective practice at your organization? Our team can provide practical assistance in:

  • Assessing your current trainings for alignment with infant/early childhood mental health principles

  • Guiding individuals or teams through the Endorsement process

  • Assisting in creating plans for organization-wide reflective practice changes