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Abigail Bocanegra



Abigail Bocanegra is the Founder and Director of Creative Heart Therapies (2018), where she holds positions as a bilingual/bicultural Expressive Arts Psychotherapist and Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant. She has extensive experience in working with diverse young children and their families in a variety of settings (i.e., community-based mental health agencies in Oakland/San Francisco, early learning/childcare in Spokane, and community advocacy centers/philanthropic private sectors serving Latinx and Tribal communities). She is the co-developer and co-author of The Integrative Cultural Healing Model, a treatment approach intersecting Tribal Traditional Knowledge and Western-based practices to treat trauma and foster ancestral healing for Indigenous children (0-5) and their families. She is also the creator and author of the Family Play Group Curriculum, designed to strengthen and support secure relationships between young children and their parents residing at Rising Strong: a holistic, family-centered drug treatment and housing program supporting children and their parents.

Abigail sits as faculty of the Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Program at the Barnard Center for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health at the University of Washington. In this role, she provides Reflective Practice and IECMH Consultation for Spanish-Speaking Bilingual clinicians serving young children and their families. In her teaching, she centers relationships and principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in program curriculum and delivery. As an IECMH consultant, she offers educational workshops and training to community and mental health providers aligned with DEI core competencies as foundational to attachment, trauma, family systems, workforce development, and organizational systems.

In her private practice, Abigail serves as an Expressive Arts Psychotherapist, utilizing culturally resonant arts practices serving families impacted by colonial intergenerational trauma, racialized trauma, and discriminatory systemic immigration policies. Her practice and consultancy are strongly influenced by her lived experience as First Generation Mexican-American/ Chicanx. It is grounded in Nahuatl Philosophy of In Ixtli In Yolotl - a pursuit of a life purpose, living in alignment with wisdom in consciousness and the strength and guidance of the heart.

Abigail Bocanegra
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