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Carol Good



Carol has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Carroll College in Helena, MT.  She later received a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Washington.  Her clinical practice started in 1990 working in a residential treatment facility that specialized in working with children that had disrupted attachment relationships.  In 1992 she moved to Western Washington and began working in the field of early childhood mental health.  Carol has over 27 years’ experience providing infant/early childhood mental health services in both a community mental health setting, and in early intervention services in Washington State.


Her focus of practice has consistently been assisting parents in better understanding their child’s social and emotional needs and the interplay between trauma and attachment relationships.  She has been providing supervision and training to practitioners in the field of infant/early childhood mental health since 2001 as well as providing workshops for parents of infants and toddlers.  She joined the University of Washington as a Promoting First Relationships (PFR) Master Trainer in 2014.  Since that time she has provided workshops and training on a variety of topics including PFR throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Carol enjoys dynamic conversation at her presentations and encourages all voices in the room to be heard and engaged. 

Carol Good
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