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Mary Virginia Maxwell



Mary Virginia is a licensed mental health counselor for the Educational Service District 105 in Yakima, Washington and also works at a federally qualified medical home, Yakima Pediatrics, as an integrated Behavioral Health Consultant. As an educated, white, cisgendered, female-bodied provider she strives to be conscious and accountable in the work of acknowledging her privileges.

After receiving her master’s in education from Heritage University in 2002 she began work as a therapist in a community health center embedded in a trauma informed behavioral kindergarten program. That experience inspired her to focus on the youngest students in school environments and to consider attachment styles and the impact of complex trauma on emotional and physical health.

Mary Virginia recently graduated from the University of Washington’s Advanced Clinical Training program at the Barnard Center in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and has restored hope in the preventative and healing work of infant mental health and early relational health.

Her work currently focuses on serving the prenatal to age 5 population. She hopes to build a nested community of guidance and support for all caregivers and young children-and all medical providers and educators so we can experience connection and joy, even during times of difficulty. Mary Virginia's unshakeable belief is that we all deserve to feel safe, cherished and delighted in.

Mary Virginia Maxwell
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