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Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Teaching Scale Certification

Who is this for?

IECMH Clinical

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June 6, 7, & 10

9:00am - 4:30pm


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What can you expect to gain from this workshop?

Participants will recognize the foundational concepts used   across the PCI Teaching Scale.

Participants will identify engagement and disengagement cues contributing to infant communication.

Participants will demonstrate the ability to observe for the items in the PCI Feeding Scale Assessment.

Participants will gain proficiency scoring the PCI Feeding   Scale by meeting 85% reliability.

Full Description

The Parent Child Interaction (PCI) Teaching Scale is a valid and reliable clinical assessment tool identifying strengths and needs for parent/caregiver-child dyads with children aged 0-3. This clinical assessment tool pairs nicely with the DC:0-5, Axis II assessment of the caregiving relationship.The PCI Teaching Scale training will not only teach you how to use this assessment tool, but you’ll also learn a cohesive set of observable behaviors that will change your view of parent-infant relationships. The observational skills you’ll gain provide a strengths-based lens to view the relationship, and identifiable behaviors to look for when assessing preverbal infants and their parents/caregivers. Upon successful completion of this training you will be certified to use this clinical tool, which can support the assessment and diagnosis of young children and guide your intervention.

The PCI Teaching Scales Certification Training is delivered virtually across three days and participants must attend all three sessions to become certified. For more information about the PCI Teaching Scale, please visit

Day 1 -- Teaching Scale Item Instruction: the assessment consists of six sub-scales and 73 items

Day 2 -- Practice Videos: participants will practice scoring a dyad using four practice videos

Day 3 -- Participants will score five reliability videos to become reliable in the use of this clinical assessment tool


  • Participants should have a strong foundation in early      development (birth - 36 months).

  • Participants must commit to completing the full three-day      training, including the activities required for certification (which occur      on the last training day).

  •  Participants will receive their training materials approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the training along with a pre-session reading assignment. Participants are encouraged to review the training manual/pre-session reading assignment in preparation for this training.

There are limited spots available for this training. Participation will be prioritized for those who have not previously completed the PCI Feeding Scale training and limited to one professional per organization/site. Registrants will be placed on an initial wait list and you will receive confirmation for participation within one week of registering. If you are unable to complete this training once confirmed, please let us know as soon as possible so that your spot can be offered to another provider.

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