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Reflective Practice & Supervision

Reflective, Relationship-Based Practice is at the Heart of IECMH

Refection is a lifelong developmental process that is influenced by past experiences, the current situation,

and how an individual's neurological system processes information. When prenatal to five professionals build their own internal reflective capacity and engage in reflective practice in the course of their work with families, we are better able to be attuned and responsive to the needs of those in our care. Trainings in Reflective Practice.

Reflective Supervision is a specialized type of supervision

Reflective supervision (RS) is a form of ongoing, intentional, scheduled professional development that focuses on enhancing the reflective practice skills of practitioners for purposes of program quality, staff wellness and retention. It is distinctly different from administrative or clinical supervision and can be provided in groups or individually. When  provided by someone employed by the agency or program who has this included in their job description, they are referred to as a Reflective Supervisor. If in-agency RS is not available, there are Reflective Supervision Consultants in the community that can be hired to provide RS to staff.  

Reflective Supervision Consultation (RSC)

To help you locate a Reflective Supervision Consultant, WA-AIMH has complied a list of providers of reflective supervision/consultation in the state of Washington who are eligible to supervise WA-AIMH Endorsement® applicants. The presence on this list means the individual has earned Endorsement® as an Infant Mental Health Specialist or Infant Mental Health Mentor. NOTE: WA-AIMH cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any supervision provided by these individuals.


Download the Reflective Supervision Consultant registry

IMPORTANT: Beginning January 1, 2022, all new Endorsement applicants are required to receive all RS/C hours from an Endorsed provider in order to meet the requirements for Endorsement. 

Providing Reflective Supervision requires training, practice and support

Are you interested in becoming a Reflective Supervisor?

  • Best practice recommends first experiencing a period of ongoing RS from a trained Reflective Supervisor yourself to build your own reflective capacity. 

  • Training in providing RS gives you tools and skills practice in creating a safe, intentional, exploratory holding space for supervisees to reflect on the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that shape the behaviors and actions they bring to their work. Training in Reflective Supervision should be followed by continued participation in your own RS as you put your RS skills into practice providing for others

WA-AIMH can support you in getting started


You can learn more about WA-AIMH's leadership in a regional collaboration to develop Reflective Supervision Guidelines and find resources for assessing and planning for RS integration at your agency here.

This  3-hour experiential training is a great introduction to Reflective Practice: what it is, how to integrate it in your support of families and in your organization, and practical tips for bringing a reflective lens to your daily work.

For Supervisors who have participated in ongoing reflective supervision and are wanting to become Reflective Supervisors, this 2-day training covers skills and best practices, followed by a monthly reflective supervision peer group to share your journey as you put your RS skills into place with your team

These trainings can be adapted to small or large groups.

Contact our team to tell us your needs and schedule a training today.