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Since 2015, WA-AIMH has offered the Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (IMH-E®). Endorsement provides recognition of specialized knowledge and expertise in professionals working with expecting families, babies and young children birth through six, and their families. It is an internationally recognized credential offered by states and countries who are part of the Alliance.


Endorsement is for anyone who works with expecting families or infants and children and their families in the fields of early care and education, prevention and early intervention, home visiting, the medical and behavioral health professions, child welfare, mental health, policy and advocacy, research and others. It means that a professional has demonstrated a set of competencies by


  • Working professionally with infants, young children and their families

  • Attaining a level of education as specified 

  • Participating in competency-based training

  • Engaging in reflective supervision or consultation.


Endorsement is in addition to and does not replace other licensure, certification, or credentialing. However, any credentialing you have previously obtained may satisfy competencies for Endorsement.

Why Get Endorsed?


  • Good for You: Demonstrates your expertise in working with infants, young children and their families.

  • Good for Babies and Families: Supports infants, toddlers, families, and professionals in a culturally competent, reflective and relationship-based way.

  • Good for Communities: Provides assurance to families, agencies, employers and the public at large that the endorsed professional meets high standards of knowledge and experience.

  • Good for Employers: Verifies that professionals have attained a specified level of expertise and understanding about the promotion of IECMH and relationship-based approaches.

  • Good for the Field: Informs professional development and career planning within an organized framework and creates a competent, high quality workforce leading to desired child/family outcomes.                       

 - provided with courtesy by WI-AIMH

To Get Started

  • Explore the Endorsement Credentials to find the right fit for you. Review the Knowledge Areas and corresponding Competencies to learn what training, skills, and experiences you will need to demonstrate in your application. View endorsement and renewal requirements for each endorsement category. 


  • New Endorsed Reflective Supervisor (ERS) Endorsement Add-On for Endorsed Family Specialists and Mental Health Specialists! Click here to learn more in our FAQ.

  • Learn more during our Informational ERS Talk Sessions on January 11, 2024 from 2-3 pm and January 29, 2024, from 10-11 am. To sign up contact our endorsement coordinators at

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What is Endorsement?

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Endorsement Registration

Endorsement Registration

What to expect

To learn more about Endorsement and the Categories email our Endorsement Coordinators.

Become a WA-AIMH member here: New Membership

Register for Endorsement using the EASy platform.

  • Pay registration fees 

  • Temporary Login email will be sent from EASy within a few days

  • Once you have registered, you can log into EASy here:

Endorsement Submission Schedule

Endorsement Submisson Schedule

2024 Submission Schedule

**UPDATE** All categories will submit their applications for review by the following dates. 

January 15, 2024

April 5, 2024

July 5, 2024

October 4, 2024

Endorsement exams will be offered the last week of the month.

Learn About Endorsement

Use our contact form to learn more about starting the Endorsement Process.

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