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IECMH Workshops

Enhance your IECMH knowledge and skills

Workshops offered by the IECMH-WC are free for professionals who serve or support children prenatal to five and their families enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid). 

  • IECMH Clinical Workshops are designed for mental health providers involved in mental health assessment and diagnosis for children birth to five.

  • IECMH Community Workshops are intended for all professionals who support the social-emotional well-being of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families, as well as expecting families.

CEUs and/or STARS hours are provided for most workshops.

Register for DC:0-5 Clinical and Overview Trainings here.

Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Teaching Scale Certification

Brief Description

The Parent Child Interaction (PCI) Teaching Scale is a valid and reliable clinical assessment tool identifying strengths and needs for parent/caregiver-child dyads with children aged 0-3. The PCI Teaching Scale training will not only teach you how to use this assessment tool, but you’ll also learn a cohesive set of observable behaviors that will change your view of parent-infant relationships. The observational skills you’ll gain provide a strengths-based lens to view the relationship, and identifiable behaviors to look for when assessing preverbal infants and their parents/caregivers. Upon successful completion of this training you will be certified to use this clinical tool, which can support the assessment and diagnosis of young children and guide your intervention.


IECMH Clinical

Date & Time

June 6, 7, & 10

9:00am - 4:30pm

Your Facilitators

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