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Endorsement Registry

The WA-AIMH Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (IMH-E) is intended to recognize experiences that lead to competency in the infant-family field. It does not replace licensure or certification, but instead is meant as evidence of a specialization in this field. The WA-AIMH Endorsement is cross-sector and multidisciplinary including professionals from child and/or human development, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and others. Endorsement indicates an individual’s efforts to specialize in the promotion/practice of infant mental health within their own chosen discipline.

Those who have earned Endorsement have demonstrated that the individual has completed specialized education, work, in-service training, and reflective supervision/consultation experiences (as defined in Endorsement criteria) that have led to competency in the promotion and/or practice of infant mental health. Endorsement does not guarantee the ability to practice as a mental health professional, although many who have earned Endorsement are licensed mental health professionals.

Upon earning Endorsement, each endorsed professional is required to renew Endorsement annually.  Failure to renew Endorsement will result in being removed from the Endorsement Registry.  If an endorsed professional does not think they will meet the annual renewal requirements, they are able to apply to be listed on the Inactive Endorsement Registry.  For more information about Annual Renewal of Endorsement and the Inactive Endorsement Registry, please refer to the  Endorsement Policies.


The Endorsement Registry lists the currently active Endorsed professionals in Washington State who have agreed to be included.​

  • If you want to add or change your information, or are not on this list and feel you should be, send us an email.

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