The Washington Association for Infant Mental Health

RSC: Requirements for Endorsement Applicants

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In order to qualify for Endorsement at Levels II, III, and IV-Clinical, applicants must have received RSC that relates specifically to their work done within the infant family field (i.e., with families who have children ages 0-3 years). The minimum number of RSC hours must have occurred within a 1-2 year timeframe while working with these families.

The table below summarizes the RSC requirements for each level:

Infant Family Specialist (Level II) Bachelor’s prepared Level II Master’s prepared ORLevel III or Level IV-Clinical 24
Infant Family Specialist (Level II) Master’s prepared Level III or Level IV-Clinical 24
Infant Mental Health Specialist
(Level III)
Level III or Level IV-Clinical 50
Infant Mental Health Mentor – Clinical (Level IV) Level IV-Clinical 50
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