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DC: 0-5 Training for Clinicians and  Allied Professionals

In 2021, the Washington State Legislature created policy to support Apple Health providers in using best practices with children birth through age five. These policy changes included the requirement that Apple Health mental health professionals use the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC: 0-5TM) when assessing and diagnosing children from birth through age five.

Deadline for
free DC: 0-5 
Training Opportunity

Training in the DC: 0-5 and additional workforce supports related to IECMH are free through June 20, 2025 for Apple Health mental health providers and allied professionals serving children birth through age five in Washington.

Clinical Training

DC: 0-5 Clinical Training
for Mental Health Providers

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Total Training Hours Received


About DC: 0-5
Clinical Training

Clinical DC: 0 – 5™ training is designed to support mental health professionals in developing in-depth knowledge of the approach and content of DC:0-5™, understanding the multi-axial system, and utilizing the approach and system in their work with children birth through age five.


Participants will be supported in understanding the need for and development of a specialized diagnostic classification system for infancy and early childhood, and adopting approaches to diagnosis and assessment that are developmentally informed, relationship based, and contextually and culturally grounded.


Participants will learn about the multi-axial approach to diagnosis as well understanding the contents of each axis including Axis I clinical disorders. Activities and case-based learning will support participants in using the many tools included in DC:0-5™.

Upcoming Clinical Training Dates







DC:0-5 trainers host regular office hours to answer questions and provide technical assistance around the use of the DC:0-5. Registration is not required, but you may register and/or submit questions ahead of time here.

Upcoming office hours - Join any session here.

Friday | June 28 | 12 - 1pm

Friday | August 23 | 10 - 11am


Mental health professionals who are responsible for clinical diagnosis and are contracted to provide mental health services to children birth through age five enrolled in Apple Health (either with or without managed care). For a definition of mental health professional, please see WAC 246-341-0515.

Professional Credits for DC: 0-5 Clinical Training

  • CEUs: Approved for 12 CEUs for mental health professionals (LMSW, LMHC, LMFT)

  • IMH Endorsement®: Will count towards the requirements for WA-AIMH Infant Mental Health Endorsement®

  • Participants are required to attend the full training

Overview Training

DC: 0-5 Overview Training
for Allied Professionals

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Total Training Hours Received


About DC: 0-5
Overview Training

Overview DC: 0 – 5™ trainings offer a brief (1.5 hour) or intensive (4 hours) overview of DC:0-5™, providing a foundation for understanding this diagnostic system for professionals who work with babies and very young children.


The training will provide participants with an overview of the background, approach, and content areas of DC:0-5™ and is particularly helpful for allied professionals in understanding the importance of developmentally appropriate diagnostic practices.


Participants will learn about infant and early childhood mental health and the emotional and behavioral challenges very young children may experience. This training will support professionals to spot the early signs of distress in young children and feel more comfortable and confident in making referrals to mental health services, when indicated.

Upcoming Overview Training Dates


Allied professionals, or individuals whose professional role supports social-emotional well-being and the mental health system of care for children birth through age five enrolled in Apple Health. Some overview trainings may be tailored to professionals in specific roles. Please see the training schedule below for a training that will be best for you.

Professional Credits for DC: 0-5 Overview Training

  • CEUs: Approved for 1.5 (brief) or 4 (intensive) CEUs for mental health professionals (LMSW, LMHC, LMFT)

  • STARS: Approved for 1.5 (brief) or 4 (intensive) STARS hours for early learning professionals

  • IMH Endorsement®: Will count towards the requirements for WA-AIMH Infant Mental Health Endorsement®

For questions about how your program or organization
can grow capacity in providing IECMH services,
please contact us at


DC: 0-5 trainings provided free to

Apple Health Providers through

IECMH Workforce Collaborative 

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