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DC: 0-5 Benefits for
Employers and Organizations

The Washington State Legislature created policy to support Apple Health providers in using best practices with very young children and this includes utilizing DC: 0–5. Training in DC: 0-5 and additional workforce supports related to IECMH are free for Apple Health providers serving children birth through age five in Washington State

How employers and organizations benefit from training providers
in DC: 0-5

Washington is part of a national movement to ensure that a strong network of IECMH services is available to young children and their families. Although we’ve made significant progress, we still do not have enough IECMH providers or services. There is an urgent need to build workforce knowledge, skills, and capacity in providing developmentally appropriate, relationship based, and culturally responsive infant and early childhood mental health (IECMH) services and supports across transdisciplinary fields.

Adopting DC:0-5 as a standard of practice in your organization can be an effective strategy for improving ​

  • access to IECMH services and supports and

  • outcomes for children.

Many states are pursuing this approach. We now have an opportunity to offer Apple Health providers serving children birth through age five in Washington State free training on this important topic. Make your organization more knowledgeable in IECMH with this comprehensive training opportunity.

Why your staff should take
DC: 0-5 Training

The Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood (DC: 0–5) is a diagnostic tool for children birth through age five that uses  an approach that is developmentally informed, relationship-based, and contextually and culturally grounded.

Learning about this can benefit providers and programs by...

  • Enhancing provider knowledge and understanding of early development and mental health

  • Increasing provider skills in recognizing, assessing, and/or treating mental health problems in very young children.

  • Creating a shared language about infant and early childhood mental health that can be understood across different programs and fields of work.

  • Growing program ability to provide high-quality services to families.

  • Developing a strong and skilled statewide network of professionals with expertise in IECMH that can meet the needs of families across Washington.

  • Improving outcomes for babies, very young children and families through the use of IECMH approaches

Very young children and their family's interact with many different professionals in early learning, healthcare, mental health, and other systems of care.  Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can have mental health and developmental disorders that affect their social-emotional well-being, relationships, learning, and even physical health. Many children in Washington experience stressors such as poverty, racism, maltreatment, trauma, and toxic stress, which can increase their risk that IECMH problems may emerge. If young children are experiencing emotional, relational, or behavioral issues, they can be treated if properly identified using criteria relevant to infant and early childhood development. 


What trainings are offered?

Professional development opportunities for Apple Health providers include

The DC:0-5 training ranks in the top ten of most provider-requested professional development trainings in our state

How do I register my staff for
DC: 0-5 Training?

Staff can register for training individually. If you would like to register a large group for the same training, please contact us at to reserve spots.

For questions about how your program or organization
can grow capacity in providing IECMH services,
please contact us at


DC: 0-5 trainings provided free to

Apple Health Providers through the

IECMH Workforce Collaborative 

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