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Kathryn McCormick



Kathryn is a bilingual (Spanish) psychotherapist and child psychoanalyst.  She has worked for over two decades in Tulalip as a clinician, including for over 10 years as the Administrative Clinical Supervisor of the tribes’ Child, Youth and Family (CYF) Mental Wellness Program. For the past 6 1/2 years, she has served as the Administrative Clinical Supervisor of The Betty J. Taylor Early Learning Academy (BJTELA.  Kathryn is also the head and lead clinician in the psychoanalytically informed evidenced based Reflective Network Therapy (RNT) program for children (aged 2 1/2-5) challenged with trauma, neuro-sensory difficulties, developmental delays and/or social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.  Kathryn is the recipient of the 2020 APsaA Anna Freud Education Achievement Award.


Internationally, Kathryn has held numerous administrative and executive positions with IPSO (the candidate organization of the IPA) including as the former IPSO VP Elect of North America - 2013-2015, IPSO VP of North America - 2015-2017, IPSO President Elect 2017-2019, and IPSO President, 2019-2021. Additionally Kathryn has held several positions in the IPA both on the IPA IPSO Relations Committee (IIRC) from 2013-2020, IPA Health in the Community Committee.  Currently Kathryn serves on the IPA Education in the Community Committee.  Lastly, since 2013, Kathryn has been a presenter at psychoanalytic conferences, symposiums, forums and meetings including: SPSI Scientific, The Western Regional Child and Adolescence Conference, ACP, APsaA, the IPA and FEPAL (Federation of Psychoanalytic Studies of Latin America), and most recently, Harlem's Psychoanalytic Renaissance Talk Series.

Kathryn McCormick
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